Art Tile and Pottery


Odd Inq pottery & art tile incorporates the Arts and Crafts aesthetic of both organic and geometric sensibilities. Many of the designs are inspired by Jon White's study of the early 20th century American potters such as Grueby and Teco. "I am drawn to the strong presence demonstrated with simple forms and rich surface treatments" he says.

A major convention of Arts and Crafts pottery is the use of matte glazes. Grueby pots were covered in heavy crawling matte glazes which the made the organic forms appear to be made from the glaze. Teco's matte glaze was a soft verdigris like oxidized copper which went well with the geometric forms they produced. Jon has spent years in developing his own leadless matte-green, from which interesting variations continue to evolve.

The Odd Inq vases are primarily hand thrown and embellished. A small handful are produced by casting in molds made from a thrown original piece. Odd Inq pottery is a one of a kind in the true sense of art pottery. From concept to completion the work is made in the hands of a single craftsman. Odd Inq has the honor of being collected by people from all corners of the world and many different walks of life. Jon White states, "I enjoy the idea that my work will be passed along as objects in history, just as the art pots that inspired their making."

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